ISMIP10 will be held in 2021 because of the noverl coronavirus outbreak.
See the message form the chair

History of ISMIP

The International Symposium on Mixing in Industrial Processes (ISMIP) is a conference held on a triennial basis to bring together researchers from academia and industry from across the world engaged in mixing research.

This symposium is unique in its blend of academic and industrial interest within the mixing community. We welcome contributions from all areas of the fluid mixing field but wish to highlight the following topic areas.

  • Mixing of complex fluids
  • Mixing of multiphase system
  • Mixing flow in chemical equipments (distillation, extraction, etc)
  • Mixing in microfluidic systems
  • Mixing with no impeller, with non-rotational motion, with asymmetric geometry
  • State-of-the-art experimental technique in mixing
  • Simulations of mixing flows

The International Symposium on Mixing in Industrial Processes (ISMIP) brings together the global mixing community across academia, industry and research institutions to share and discuss the most recent developments in research and in processing. The symposium has been held all around the world, from the inaugural event in Quebec City in Canada in 1995, to include Mexico, Japan, France, Spain, Canada, China, Australia, and UK.

What's new & latest update

2020.7.7 New date of ISMIP10 was updated
2020.2.27 ISMIP10 was posponed to 2021! See the message form the chair.
2019.12.27 Registration and accommodation page opened! Hotel can be reserved through this page.
2019.12.25 Abstract submission finished. Thank you for many abstracts.
2019.10.24 Deadline of Abstract submission has been extended!
2019.8.27 Sponsorship available now!
2019.8.26 Abstract submission and others were updated
2019.8.21 First circular was uploaded
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